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Drug Detox Programs

Drug Detox

There are different types of drug detox programs to help you recover.

Drug detox programs provide a range of services and options for individuals who are addicted to all kinds of drugs including heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription medications and other substances. Each drug detox program provides different services that are aimed at helping addicts overcome physical dependence on drugs so that they can smoothly transition to a drug rehab center for long term care and treatment for psychological dependence on drugs. The most common types of drug detox programs include herbal drug detox programs, rapid drug detox programs, holistic drug detox programs, and free drug detox programs.

Herbal Drug Detox Programs

Herbal drug detox programs use various herbal remedies and treatments to help an addict overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms that are associated with drug detox. Various herbal remedies have been found to help with things such as headache, muscle aches, joint pain, nausea, vomiting and various other symptoms that often result during drug detox. Learn more about herbal drug detox programs here.

Rapid Drug Detox Programs

Rapid drug detox programs are typically reserved for those addicted to opiates such as heroin, morphine or certain prescription medications. These programs claim to help an individual overcome physical addiction to drugs within 72 hours without actually feeling any of the painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Rapid drug detox programs are quite new and also controversial but have been proven effective for some. Get more information about rapid drug detox programs here.

Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Holistic drug detox programs use a whole body approach to drug addiction treatment that view the detoxification process as an even that affects the entire person, their mind, body and soul. Holistic drug detox programs have become increasingly popular and have been found the be highly effective at helping addicts successfully overcome physical dependence on drugs. With the help of holistic drug detox programs, addicts are able to safely transition from drug detox to a long term treatment or rehab facility. Read more about holistic drug detox here.

Free Drug Detox Programs

Free drug detox programs are somewhat difficult to find but they can provide a very beneficial and cost effective solution for those who are on a limited or set budget. Free drug detox programs provide services that are completely free of charge and can help addicts overcome drug addiction without the worry of paying the high cost of a traditional drug detox program. If you are interested in learning more about free drug detox programs and how they can help, read more about free drug detox programs here.

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